I’m 24 years old graduate student at the University of Cincinnati. Egyptian by birth and a proud Muslim. Science geek and I hate pseudoscience and snakes

I’m a PhD student who is trying to survive his graduate school which started during a pandemic I was a High energy physics student at the University of Minnesota. I worked on the search for Magnetic monopole. I love what I’ve done so far, and although that we don’t know much about why we don’t have this elusive particle detected yet, but we are optimistic about this. I graduated from Zewail University in Egypt then moved to the US for a post-graduate degree working on the NOvA experiment at Fermilab. I worked with my Supervisor and the great man Dr.Alec Habig who teached me a lot of things about physics and even world history. I’m also learning Machine learning and how we could apply it to our field, which would enhance our ability to understand our data and get answers for our big questions in mind.


I love spending my free time reading books. I like reading about politics, philosophy, and history, and each year I challenge myself in a Goodreads reading challenge, and I succeeded for six years in a row and hope that I will keep this up always. Reading is something I do as part of my life. It is like eating, not just a hobby. Recommend me a good book, and you are my friend.

What do you think?

When I was young, I always liked to ask a question and search for the answer. The process was still what is fascinating for me. It is not the answer itself, but how can we get there and how people thought about this. I always wondered how our common sense knowledge now was far from being accessible to the minds of thousands of generations. But who cares, and by the way, do you know if the light is a wave or a particle?.